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November 10, 2019

Written by Glyn Edwards

RS Thomas & ME Eldridge Poetry & Art Festival

RS Thomas & ME Eldridge Gwyl Celf a Barddoniaeth

8pm – 9pm “Ah Iago, my friend”  
Glyn Edwards, North Wales, gives voices to muted members of literature
In his forthcoming collection of poetry, Glyn Edwards has given voices to muted members of literature.  He will share how his search to find the illusive voice of Iago Prytherch, in the dozens of poems RS Thomas dedicated to him, took him twenty years and three continents to accomplish.  Members of the audience will be encouraged to share their favourite of RS Thomas’ poems, or read any home-spun verse inspired by his work.  In his role as Trustee of the Terry Hetherington Award, Glyn will also be discussing how new Welsh writers can begin to carve out their own spaces in their country’s literature.

Gŵyl Cybi – Cybi Festival

Poetry Competition
This year’s festival and competition will be celebrating the work of R. S. Thomas. The competition will be judged by the poet Glyn F Edwards and writer Manon Steffan Ros.
The winners will be announced at the open mic event on Saturday, July  21st 2018 at the Cybi Festival, The Ucheldre Centre, Holyhead.   Poetry competition information
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