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April 24, 2024

Written by Glyn Edwards


The Poetry School course ‘Revisiting the Romantics During Global Heating’ connected poets from around the world – America, Australia, New Zealand, the UK – and encouraged responses to fortnightly stimuli. By seeking to transpose the Romantic gaze and the sublime onto modern concerns, the course considered the poets central to The Romantic Era and worked to ally themes in their writing with contemporary poets in order to investigate the most pervading threat of the modern age: climate breakdown. 

After the course, each poet was invited to nominate a poem of their choice to be published in this Modron feature together with a critical commentary of how they interpreted the non-human in their work. 

Glyn Edwards

Poems by Sarah Bitter, Dave Symmons, Jill Jones, Rae Howells, Gill Horitz, Barbara Kennedy, Mel White