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January 16, 2020

Written by Glyn Edwards

Comets are really just aliens

My sister is an astronaut

One day you will eclipse me


‘1 building; 2 days; 300+ workshops, drop-ins, talks, performances; 10,000 participants; loads of fun.’

And take pART 2020 in Venue Cymru this weekend surpassed all expectations. It was quite wonderful:every angle, corner, wall and window of it.

The entire mass of North Wales’ largest theatre space was directed at encouraging children and families to interact with expression – whether through dance, performance, art, writing or modelling. And, at times, it felt as though the entire mass of North Wales had attended: children piled in to perform with the West End production of Lion King, or to fashion an Aardman figurine, to dance, to climb, to inline skate.

For my own activity – Look Up – artist Carissa Tanton had illustrated 15 inter-galactic words which were displayed around the labyrinthine walls of the vast building and families were challenged to discover as many as they could. So, while I helped initial ideas turn into fuller poems, Carissa offered tricks and encouragement how to map a blank border in a night sky.

Look up, Look up

Obi’s Orbit


If you want more information on Carissa Tanton’s work, then check out https://carissatanton.co.uk/ while for the images from the event and more of her prints, look at ordering from her online shop https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/CarissaTanton?ref=hdr_shop_menu.





For further information about the other 299 acts – click here https://venuecymru.co.uk/take-part-2020


Queen Myfanwy of Deganwy

Family art on the go

Pair of wise guys