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May 14, 2024

Written by Glyn Edwards

Episode four, and we welcome our first poet since Dante, GLYN EDWARDS. Glyn is the author of two poetry collections, Vertebrae, and In Orbit. We talk teaching, getting mis-named, lyrics vs poems, and of course the worst job Glyn has ever done.

In each episode, Hell’s receptionist Daniel Whelan and Satan’s tea boy Alex Gale interrogate a newly damned soul, asking them for the five songs they will meet in Hell: the music that we will use to torment them for all eternity. The condemned take us through songs they are embarrassed to have once liked; songs they can’t stand that are otherwise universally adored; songs that remind them of bad times; songs they hate by artists they love; and songs that once stuck in their heads, they can never get out.

Welcome to Hellish, the show where we ask our guests for the five tracks they will meet in Hell.

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