NAEN Poetry for Teachers

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The course would seek to provide a series of 4 or 5 activities teachers could use to deliver poetry in their classrooms, and to help pupils explore some of ecological themes in their writing. We would attempt to write poems with the goal of substituting the threat of being pressured into a creativity response with the enjoyment of making something from raw materials: exercises would use poems as stimuli to form concrete poems, found poems, blackout poems and word building exercises. In this manner, we will confront issues such as habitat loss, restrictions on access to nature, and the difficulties of anthropomorphising the non-human.  We would also consider aspects of how plein air practice can help foster an improved appreciation for the natural world.
NAENThe Network exists to facilitate relationships between schools, artists and cultural organisations to inspire best practice learning.

The objective is to actively direct schools into cultural organisations, where learners have the opportunity to experience working alongside artists and other creative practitioners.

This enables a model of best practice learning that utilises local resources and professional arts practice as inspiration for both onsite and school-based learning. This approach enables the ambitions for the future of Welsh education laid out in the Four Purposes of the Curriculum for Wales.

Wednesday 29th March 2023.
Course starts 1pm
Course finishes 4:30pm